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weapon of massive consumption
just fulfilling my programming
Tony ⇨ the line is a miiiile long.
Kay, so now that you're into my supaspeshul f-list, you get to pick a supaspeshul x-sprite so I can show you all off on my profile like the geek I am.


11th-Sep-2009 06:53 am - ((PUBLICO))
Tony ⇨ the line is a miiiile long.

Everyone should get on this.

You choose from 13 categories:
- Famous Paintings
- Chemistry Symbols (Basic)
- Chemistry Symbols (Advanced)
- English Vocabulary
- English Grammar
- Identifying Countries on a Map
- World Capitals
- French
- German
- Italian
- Spanish
- Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)
- Multiplication Table

Each right answer you get? They donate ten grains of rice to the UN World Hunger Program. That doesn't sound like much, but spend ten, fifteen minutes, and you can get up to a couple hundred. You feed your brain, and help people who need it, and all from your computer.

So if you want a way to kill time today, don't go to the flash games, or to the card games. Please go to this site.

Spread the word.
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